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With hair as straight as the proverbial pin, I’m always looking for easy ways to inject a lil’ bitta anti-straightness into it.  Not that I don’t like straight hair per say, but I find that mine (especially in winter) can easily go all weird and staticky and - ewwww - stringy Having a bit of texture is my go-to style, which I often do in less than 10 minutes with the curling iron.

I’ve tried velcro rollers in the past, typically right after blowdrying, but never achieved any lasting results.  After spotting THIS TUTORIAL on Pinterest, I thought I’d give the old rollers another go.  After doing my whole head in rollers as in the tutorial, I was happy with the results but found that I could get exactly the same look in half the time by putting only the top layer in rollers and just curling the bottom with the iron.

The trick is to curl the section of hair before putting it in the roller.  As the hair cools from being in the iron, it holds the shape a lot better and for longer.  The difference for me in doing it this way as opposed to solely using the curling iron was that I got more volume at my roots, and the waves are a bit bigger and look more natural.

And - I can do it in 10 minutes on hair that I left to dry overnight after showering the previous evening ;)  I like to look nice but hate to spend a lot of time on it, so this method works well.

Here’s the result!

I am still loving the natural ombre that my fantastic stylist Brigitta put in at Thanksgiving - they have lasted beautifully, don’t you think?  Again, gotta love anything that can go without maintenance for prolonged periods of time!  I’ve gone 5 months on this head of hair with only one trim - no touching up on the colour at all. 

My next hair-related project is to do an amazing blow-out.  I’ve been watching some tutorials so if I find one that helps me out, I will let you know.  Being a classical pianist, you’d think that my hand-eye coordination would be superb for things like doing hair, but apparently (and unfortunately) playing Mozart requires a different kind of coordination than doing a smashing up-do.  I’m seriously hopeless with my hair and can do very little with it.  #firstworldproblems

I hate to end this post on a sad note but guys, it snowed again.  It looks like the middle of December out there, and we’re halfway through March for goodness flippin’ sake.  I am really struggling with it. Usually by Easter we’d at least be rid of most of the snow, but this year our winter will extend into April which is seriously depressing.  It’s one thing to have snow at Christmas and for a little while afterwards; it’s another thing entirely to still be unable to go for a walk with your child because the road and sidewalk conditions are so crappy after 5 very long months of it being like this.  Even the winter enthusiasts are getting tired of it, and those people are cray, let me tell you.  You know it’s bad when they are fed up. 

If anyone has any suggestions on how I might survive this last stretch of winter without going completely raging insane, please kindly leave your ideas in the comment section.  

I’m serious. 

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  1. It's true, though. Finger skills needed for hair styles and the piano must be different--I'm on the side where I can do hair but I can barely play a tune on the keyboard!
    We got more snow today, too! :(


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