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What better occasion than the Academy Awards to resurrect this little series!

I’ve picked my top 5 gowns from last night’s show.  I felt like all round it wasn’t tremendously exciting style-wise, but there were a few interesting things going on.

(all photos via Huffington Post)

1 // Cate Blanchett
This dress made me go “ahhhhhhhh” - but then, that’s the effect she usually has on me. 

2 // Emma Watson
Not flashy at all, but sleek and lovely with the metallic top giving that perfect little bit of edge.

3 // Kelly Osbourne
Kelly didn’t get an awful lot of buzz for this dress, but in my opinion she deserves points just for pulling off the combination of purple hair and lace in a classy way.  The capelet top on the dress is really lovely as is the vintage styling of her hair.  

4 // Sandra Bullock
The classic cut and draping on this dress isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but this colour is amazing.  If you can imagine the dress in black, it wouldn’t be half as special.  

5 // Lupita Nyong’o
Ok, so if I were to wear this, the vee would probably be landing an inch or two higher.  But however you feel about the neckline, you can’t deny it: the woman looks Incredible (and yes, the capital was on purpose).

Vote for your favourite in the comments!


  1. I love them all but first and last are my favorites! What I wouldn't give to wear one of these!!!!

  2. Everyone looked gorgeous! I also loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress!



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